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_Bury me in memory [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Aug 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey there everyone!!! THIS IS EXTEREMLY IMPORTANT!!! Alrighty hope I got your attention!!! Ok so yeah, this is me as rk_frenzy. This is my very last update for here FOREVER. Please delete me off of your friends list. While you're there, please add me as the user:


Yes that is my new username so please go there!!!
My fabulous layout was designed by my very bestest friend Rachel (eightysix_). The lyrics are from Saves the Day and I think the photos are from gettyone. So please read up on me there and I'll comment and read you journals as _silent_reverie. Thanks guys! Love ya bunches!!!


Goodbye rk_frenzy.....!!!

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[15 Aug 2004|11:40am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello again! Haha I highly doubt that anyone read that whole last entry. If you did, I love you! Maybe I'll give you a cash prize or something! lol!

Well everything has been really good since I got home. Yesterday, I talked with Joe for awhile in the morning. Then, I went to the golf range with Dave. I was doing alright I guess. I really hate ranges b/c it really doesn't provide a good feeling of actually golfing. By the time we got back to the house it was like 2:20 and Rachel had come over! So me and Rae chilled all day. It was good just to hang out, listen to music and talk like usual. She doesn't wanna come to the Better Left Said show next weekend so I gotta find someone to go with. Dave & Kristen were supposed to come, but Dave might be getting a tattoo...either tonight or next Saturday which is the show. But anyways, me and Rae had a good time hanging out.

!!!Important!!! I created a new Livejournal username. Rachel is designing my layout today and will be hookin me up with that. Then I will post my new username and leave this one. Also, I'll need any friend's only journals to add me!

So anyways...Rae left around 10:45 or so. I came online and listened to a lot of STD and Oasis. I'm really getting into them right now. I dunno why it's just really grabbing my attention. I talked to Cathy and we have some semi-plans in the making which will be a great time when they come through! I called Joe at 1, but he called back at 1:30 and we talked til like 3. Then I slept in today til 11. That was nice.

Today I'm golfing at 1 to get back into the swing of things (no pun intended) and then I hope me and Ronni and possibly Deana are going to the movies! I miss them so much! Hopefully out with Joe after that. Tomorrow is the first golf match of the season!!! AHHH it's scary. I'm not ready for it yet. I'll update later with the new username! -Erin

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Back from Vacation!!! [14 Aug 2004|10:31am]
[ mood | awake ]

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I'm back from Punta Cana!!! This'll be a looong entry so I apologize...I'll cut out as much detail as possible. I have read everyones updates that I missed, but there was over 20 of em so no comments! Sorry! I did read them though...I promise!

Sunday night I went out with Joe. We hooked up with Jake, Rachel, Bridgette and Nick at the beach. Rach just got her license so she insisted on driving so we took two cars down. It was fun just walking around but leaving was sooo sad! I missed Joe too much!

I got home around 10, went to bed about 12:30 (couldn't sleep) and got up at 3:00am. We were packed and ready to go at 4 and got to the airport around 4:15. After going through all the security and what not, we finally sat down at the gate for 5 minutes before boarding. It took us about 15 minutes to fly to Columbus where we sat for 2 hours on the plane for everyone else to board. I was pissed b/c I wanted to call Joe when I got there but they wouldn't let us off the plane! We watched Shrek 2 on the plane and got to Punta Cana around noon. The airport there was beautiful and it was about a 45 minutes drive on a bus to our resort. The resort was just as beautiful and we checked it all out b/c we had 2 hours before check-in. It was a REALLY long day and everyone was crappy and we had a terrible first day at the resort. Bascially everyone there was French or Spanish (including the staff) so we couldn't communicate to anyone. I knew enough Spanish to order food for everyone. We just went to bed b/c we were so stressed.

Tuesday was much much much better! We made dinner reservations at the Mexican Restaurant and we even met some Americans!!! Lisa and James were on a honeymoon there and they were soooo nice! We went out of the resort and up to the market. Its a really funny story how we got there but too long to put in here! Ask if you really wanna know(which I doubt). We got to this open air market where we were the only people there yet and so everyone was begging us to come into their shops. We were the 'wealthy' Americans with the American dollar. I bargained my butt off and it was soo much fun. I got the bartering down to a science and had a ball with it. I BSed everyone lying about better deals I had seen and got everything I wanted for very good prices...all about over a dollar on every price I started with. Like I'd be like $4, and I'd get it for 5 or something like that. After that we speant the day on the beach which is just gorgeous. White sand and crystal clear water. We rented some boogie boards and were out there all day. Then we got ready and had a pretty good Mexican meal. I had a margarita and Corona at dinner. It was my first time actually ever drinking. I only had like 2 sips of the margarita b/c it was sooo strong. I might as well drink nail polish remover. however, Coronas are like really good. My mom got uh, 'buzzed' and was like "drink this" and kept giving me stuff but I'd just give it to my dad who was just as speechless at I was. Dave had gotten sick and went to the room. Oh yeah! today was also the day that Hurricane Charley came through! It was insane! The squall line moved in sooo quick and it rained for about 4 hours and part of the main dining room roof blew off!

Wednesday was another beach day. I got a sweet Henna Tattoo on my ankle. I hope it lasts while I'm at school. Dave was still sick and slept until about 2:30. Lisa and James joined us at the beach and we all went boogie boarding and then we made a huge sand sculpture of a crocodile. It came out sweet. All these stupid French people were amazed by it and was video taping the whole thing and taking pictures! haha! French people by the way are the most rude and arrogant people I've ever met. They cut in front of me at all the restaurants, in line at the bar (for my non-alcoholic Pina Coladas), ran into me on the beach...damn people. Oh, and this beach. Yeah it was a topless one. Well optional of course so all these nasty old ladies have on no tops and thongs, and then the nasty french dudes were in speedos...icky! I say waaay more than I ever wanted to! That night there was a party on the beach where they played music and danced and there was a big bon fire. We met like two other families that spoke English and it was nice to be able to talk to other people other than my family. I love them dearly but it gets painful only communicating with them for a week.

Thursday we went on the Kon Tiki Party Boat. They picked us up at like 1, and we drove all around the island to get to the dock. They took us out on a little boat to put us on the big boat! We tanned on the upper deck for a little bit and talked with all the people that SPOKE ENGLISH!!! Most were from Britain or Canada but they were cool and a lot of fun. I was forced to go snorkeling. The guys who ran the boat were soo nice and really funny and my family dragged me into the ocean. I was terrified and crying in my snorkeling mask! lol!!! My grabbed onto my parents and they started freaking out thinking I was gonna drown them. Finally, I to the nerve to swim around and look in the water and it WAS AMAZING!! I'm so scared of water and fish, so this was both of them and I think I'm over my fear a little bit. I had the best time and didn't wanna get back on the boat. We got lots of pictures though. It was really cool to be swimming with the fish and being on the coral reef. After that we danced on the boat for a few hours then went back to the resort. We went to the gift shops there and I got a bracelet with the Larimar stones...which is native only to the Dominican Republic. Its really pretty.

Friday we got up at 6 and got to the airport around 8:30 or so. We had to go through customs, and immigration, and then went through all of out bags on big tables. Then we boarded the plane and started back home. The flight was good again but their tvs broke so we didn't get to watch a movie. So I listened to music the whole time. We landed at like 2:50 or so and then we had to go through customs, immigration and had our bags all inspected again. Then we took a bus to our car and drove home! I unpacked and showered and we had Mickey D's for dinner for something American! lol! Then Joe picked me up with Jake and then we picked up Rachel and went back to Jake's for a bit. Then we went to Cohoon Park just to chill. We played Hide n Seek on the playground but that ended soon. I hate that game! So we just chilled and then that was about it! :D IT was sooo good to be home and see Joe again. I talked to Rae too. Hopefully get to see her soon and I still have to call coach, and Ronni and Deana! So I dunno what's going on for tonight! Sorry this is sooo long! bye!!


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[08 Aug 2004|12:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hello everyone. Sorry for the 'maniacal' updates yet again. There are a few below that probably haven't been seen lol. Please check out the link in the one below though!!!!

Ok so today I am just going with the flow. I have no plans really at all. My clothes are together (just not packed yet) and I'm am ready to go. I'm going to Joe's game in a little bit and then we're hanging out afterwards all night. I can't believe tomorrow is vacation already!!! AHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!!! 5 loooong days in Punta Cana. I haven't been on vacation for like 4 or 5 years so this is gonna ROCK!

So I guess thats all I really have to say. I won't be able to update until Friday probably. Be home sometime then. I'm gonna miss you all so much!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Everyone have a great time this week!!! Talk to you all when I get home!!!!!

(5)know | what it's like to be me

[08 Aug 2004|10:07am]
Hey guys...just do this k? k! I'll update later tonight!!!

what it's like to be me

Home from Athens [07 Aug 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Word Of The Day- Apathetic: Feeling or showing little or no emotion; unresponsive.

Hey guys! Welp today is my first day back in N.O. As ya know me nad my family left Thursday morning/afternoon for Athens, Ohio! We got down there around like 4 or 5 or something...I don't remember. Car ride down was pretty good. I listened to music for like 3 hours and then my ears were killing me!!! So everyone put on Louis Black in the car...funny guy kinda crude though. We got stuck for about 20 minutes in Columbus b/c George Bush was leaving the city and the shut down the highways. Thanks Bush! So when we got to Athens we just hung out with my cousin Becca, her husband Gavin, and their baby Abby. Then my cousin Kate came over with her husband Dave(too amny Daves!). We had a huge dinner and then Gav had to go to work and everyone but Becca nad Abby went uptown to go bar hopping. We actually only went to the CI, wherer Gav works. Its a really cool bar. I got a pink tee from there that says "Gettin High at the C.I." It's sweeeet lol! My dad bought it for me :P We went back at like 11 and showered and went to bed. I had talked to Joe a little bit that night too.

Saturday was the most boring day of my life. We got up at like 7, and had breakfast at a little cafe then we had to go to all of these meetings and stuff while Dave had placement tests. I swear one day seemed like 3! Stupid people, asking stupid questions, and receiving stupid answers. This one lady wouldn't stop asking about laptops, and you don't even need one!!! Argh...we were having a grand time making fun of everyone. I skipped out on hanging with Becca b/c I wanted to go on the campus tour...we saw like two buildings. It sucked. We had another huge dinner that night at Nealson Hall though. Yum I had cheesecake. My fave lol! I ate more that day then I had all week...ugh. After dinner we went to one last presentation and got out around 8:15 and met everyone uptown again!!! We went to a different bar just to hang out forawhile and Becca got a babysitter. I talked to Rachel for like an hour outside for something to do. I snuck back in when the bouncer guy went to wash a table b/c I wouldn't have been able to get in underaged...but it turns out my cousin Dave asked the bouncer how old he though I was..he said 24. I dunno if thats a good thing or a bad one!!! Talked to Joe that night which was good. I missed him...well still do since I haven't seen him!

We got Dave's classes and ID today and went shopping uptown for awhile. I got my OU Golf shirt!!! Yay! I was happy!!! Dave got his books for like $476 or something...crazy! Thats like 15 hundred a year! Gosh! We got home around like 4-ish or something then went out to eat! Tomorrow is designated for laundry, packing, and seeing everyone before I leave! One day til Punta Cana!!! Yay! Gotta go now though....-Erin

All I ever needed was to eat popcorn with you,
Come on over,
Watch the late show,
Stay up talking until two

Today's the day you're leaving,
And tomorrow you'll be gone
You're in my heart and on my mind,
I will bring you along

Everything sucks when you're gone,
Everything sucks when you're gone

A dream of our reunion makes me crazy just to think,
How so very far away you are,
My hope begins to sink

Today's the day you're leaving,
And tomorrow you'll be gone
You're in my heart and on my mind,
I will bring you along

Everything sucks when you're gone,
Everything sucks when you're gone

It's not ok,
I've baked dinner here for two,
And it's not ok,
I've got candles lit for you,
And It's not ok,
I've got you're favorite records out,
And it's not ok,
You should have let it be,
And ran after me

Today's the day you're leaving,
And tomorrow you'll be gone
You're in my heart and on my mind,
I will bring you along

Everything sucks when you're gone,
(I want you! I need you!)
Everything sucks when you're gone
(I want you! I need you!)

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red light, green light, train [04 Aug 2004|11:20am]
[ mood | awake ]

Hello everyone!!! Well I guess today is kinda a sum-up entry. Monday night I ended up not doing anything. It was too late by the time Joe was able to hang out. So I slept on the couch which was good b/c I had a monster headache :( Then I went to bed and Joe called around 2 am so we talked til like 3. Tuesday, however, was amazing. Joe picked me up and we went back to his place at like 1:45. We just chilled there and stuff. Then we came back to my house, ate some Subway, and then went swimming!!! That got boring so we decided to get out and sat around trying to think of something we could do! So we went to the beach! This time we were smart and took a beach sheet (I didn't have a good beach blanket) and thenfor kicks a lantern and a deck of cards! So we found a clear spot in the sand (it was still packed by like 8 o'clock!) and played a game of Spit (I LOST!!!! What has happened to me Rachel?!) and then I forgot what else. It was some good times. Around 9 Joe called Meredith for her Angie and Dan to meet us up there but she wasn't home from work yet and never called back! So we hung out there til 10:40 and started back home. Got home by 11:07 and could've been out til at least 11:15 b/c my parents were still out!!! Argh. lol! Oh well. I talked to Joe for a little bit around 2-ish but I got off the phone early b/c I was exhausted. And then I got up early today! I must be crazy!

Alright. So here is an end to my "maniacal" updates. Early tomorrow afternoon, I'm going down to Athens, Ohio for my brother's freshmen orientation at Ohio University. So I'll be gone Thursday, Friday and half of Saturday. I may be able to update if my cousin's have a computer, but I dunno what I'll be doing with all of the meetings and stuff going on. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me at any time b/c I should be able to talk, and if not, I'll call you back shortly. So if ya don't know the cell number: 221-8044. Our zip code. I'll be bac kall Sunday if anyone wants to hang b/c I'm leaving Monday for VACATION!!!!! Sweeeeet. Alrighty then, I guess I'm out. Post one or call!!!


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[02 Aug 2004|08:19pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

So plans came up last night so I wasn't bored all night. I went out with Joe around like 9 or something. We met Rick, Tyler, and another Rachel (I know waaaay too many Rachels)at Applebee's. We chilled there for like 40 minutes or so and then me and Joe hit up the beach. It was a beautiful night...warm and the sky was perfectly clear. Crowded though. We left at 10:40 since I have to meet my stupid 11 o'clock curfew. I was 7 minutes late. And we only got stopped at a few lights! I dunno what took so long! My parents gave me a hard time but they were just kidding. I showered again when I got home and then watched Uptown Girls. I decided to go to bed around 1:45 and Joe called at 2 so we talked til 3. It was nice...except people are vulnerable at night.

Today I was supposed to hang out with Joe, but he didn't call unitl after I decided to make plans with Maggie. I didn't wanna blow her off and get stuck sitting at home all day. So I headed out there at 1, and we just laid out and swam and stuff. It was a lot of fun just talking and stuff. This guy was hitting on like every female there and we're gonna find a way to make him Mags's homecoming date lol!

Got home by 5 and went golfing at 6. I did alright...much better than last week. Finally fixing out some stuff in my swing. I'm missing all next week b/c I'll be on vacation. This time next week I'm gonna be walking on the beaches of Punta Cana or dancin at the clubs!!! I'm so excited!!!! So I got home and showered and called Joe. He called back but we didn't make any plans to hang out...we might still. But that sucks b/c now I have to wait to see whether I should get dressed, or put on makeup or do my hair or just let it all go like I usually do before bed ya know?! But whatever. So I guess I'm just chillin til I hear back. Tomorrow I have all day free so I might be hitting up the movies with Mags and spending the rest of the day with Joe! I'm gonna get going though. -E

(2)know | what it's like to be me

Sorry for this... [01 Aug 2004|11:18pm]
[ mood | high ]

First Best Friend: Rachel
First Crush: Anothony Kasicky...kindergarten.
First Real Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Joe D'Agostino...4th grade
First Date: hrm...The metros, the beach, the mall and then over to the Ehrman's for a movie..but it was with Joe!
First Kiss: Ryan
First Album/CD: Uh probably the Spice Girls I think lol!
First Piercing/Tattoo: pierced ears when I was a little over a year old.
First True Love: n/a
First Enemy: Kathryn
First Time Dying My Hair: just highlights and it was like 7th grade I think.
First Formal Dance: Freshman year Homecoming.
First Time Breaking A Bone: uh 5th grade and it was my toe
First Time Getting Really Sick: chicken pox, I'd say when I was like 3 or so.

Last Cuss Word Uttered: damn in the phrase “damn- we’re hitting all the green lights” It just a game that we made up! :D
Last Compliment: Is that a compliment I gave or received?
Last/Current boy/girlfriend: Joe
Last Crush: Joe
Last Time Driving: uh a few days ago. Hopefully some driving time tomorrow!
Last Big Car Ride: Uh...I guess Youngstown last year lol. Other then that, driving from the beach about 15 minutes ago!
Last Kiss: Joe
Last Good Cry: after my first time driving.
Last Movie Seen: The Village
Last Phone Call: Joe
Last Thing Written: hrm…a note to let someone know someone called.
Last Show Watched: Uh Southpark is on right now (Dave was here watching tv but then left and its still on. I’m too lazy to change it!)
Last Time Showered: around 11:30-ish
Last Shoes Worn: my ‘beach’ flipflops…the cute striped ones that are now filthy from the beach so I just wear them there all the time!
Last Person That You Saw Naked Besides You: The naked guy in Silence of the Lambs!!!
Last CD Played: The Greatest Mix CD (that’s really the title I made for it!). It’s got like everything…lots of Rufio and the Starting Line
Last Item Bought: uh…some flowers and cards for Dolly and Busha!
Last Disappointment: leaving
Last Annoyance: green lights
Last Song You Heard: I don’t remember
Last Piercing/Tattoo: my ears (doubles) over winter vacation

I AM: sleepy
I WANT: to see Joe
I HAVE: the basement to myself for once!
I WISH: I had a later curfew & that my cell phone worked outside of the U.S.
I MISS: Becca & Kate (get to see em in a week!!!)
I FEAR: spiders
I HEAR: my typing, my cell phone, and a car commercial
I SEARCH FOR: the holy grail. Kidding! Lol I dunno..myself sometimes I guess
I WONDER: about stuff
I REGRET: getting off the phone.
I LOVE: tons of people!
I ACHE: heartache for many many reasons.
I ALWAYS: twist the rings on my fingers…
I AM NOT: outgoing
I DANCE: when there is music and of course at the studio
I SING: in the shower, or wherever there is loud music playing, in the car to annoy mom, at concerts
I CRY: when I’m upset
I WRITE: in my journal often
I WIN: nothing. Usually.
I NEVER WIN: just about everything.
I LOSE: myself in music & books & something else that sounds corny if I write it.
I CONFUSE: easily, both myself and others
I SHOULD: be more outgoing

x. three things you are often complimented for: Usually nothing. Occasionally my hair or a shirt or something. Usually my eyes if anything
x. you get embarrassed when: I do something stupid or someone teases me
x. what upsets you: when people make fun of me for things that really upset me or something.
x. you keep a diary: an online one
x. you like to cook: yeah…its fun!
x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: Uh kinda
x. you set your watch a few minutes ahead: My watch is just sorta there in the general time but my clock in my room is always about 3 minutes fast, and then I’m never late!
x. you bite your fingernails: nope, unless I break like half of one then I bite the other half off so I don’t stab people lol!
x. you believe in love: of course

Do You...?
take a shower everyday: yes if not twice a day
have a(any) crush(es): well my boyfriend yes
think you've been in love: I dunno
want to get married: yes
have any tattoos/where?: nope but I want a little one
piercings/where?: ears, 5 holes total
get motion sickness: not usually
think you're a health freak: not at all
get along with your parents: yep!

Ryan: Moran
Rob: Mariano!!!
Drew: Maskey
Stephanie: mommy!
Amy: Arlinghouse
Paul: Boda
Eve: Adam
John: Bixler
Alex: Heater
Justin: Timberlake
Ricky: Rick I suppose…

SCREEN NAMES: E Wrobie19, E wrobie86(for those of you that kick me offline b/c you insist on having an AIM Expression…)
SIGN: capricorn
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: brown with highlights
EYE COLOR: gray/green/blue- no definite color!

NUMBER: 4,7,13,19,86!!!
COLOR: green
DAY: most days are good…in the summer anyways
MONTH: January
SONG: waaay too many!
FOOD: chicken
SEASON: winter
DRINK: water, gatorade

CUDDLE OR MAKE OUT? either or, lol.
CHOCOLATE MILK, OR HOT CHOCOLATE? Chocolate milk I suppose

(1)know | what it's like to be me

At least I'm not an inbred [01 Aug 2004|05:11pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Haha hello there! Ahh it's been a good weekend. Saturday was the Elk's Picnic. It's basically like a 'club' that does these thing and stuff. My grandma and uncle are in it I guess. So it's this big party/picnic/raffle thing. Usually Rachel comes but her family decided against it so I didn't go. I hate going anyways. Instead, Joe came over! We hung out for a bit, and then we went to Sam's grad party. It was good to see her again! I haven't talked to her in awhile and she is sooo nice. After hanging there for a bit, we came back to my house and just chilled. We watched a little LOTR: ROTK, and then Joe left for work.

Ronni had called so I called her back and then I showered and she and her mom picked me up. We got some pizza and movies and hung out there. Ronni's little sis and her friends wanted to go 'frog hunting' in the metros and Ronni and Deana were excited about it too. Hrm. Not my kinda thing but whatever. So I was dragged to the metros (while it was raining) and it was sooo muddy and hot and humid. My hair is too short to get into a proper ponytail, so I had in two little pig tails so I looked like a hillbilly. It was bad...very bad. We got back and swam and then we watched the Big Bounce, and Wrong Turn. The Big Bounce sucked. Wrong Turn was really scary though! There were these in-bred mountain men that like brutally killed all these people!!! I was sooo scared (more than during Texas Chainsaw). Afterwards though we were making fun of the movie and we had this whole joke with "at least I'm not an inbred." It was good fun. We went to bed at like 1:25, and Joe called at 1:30, and we talked to almost 3...I wasn't aware of this though b/c the clock I was looking at was wrong!!! I was sucked into a round of The Question Game (a.k.a: Truth or Dare w/o dares). I'm never gonna play that game again! lol!

I got picked up at like 11, came home, showered, and went to the playhouse. Me, Rae, and Amanda got to be ushers again. I was really looking forward to workin the box office but Mr. M had that covered. We saw "The Little Shop of Horrors" and it was pretty good! I really liked it! Right now I'm just sitting here starving until dinner..I had pancakes when I got home this morning and thats all! No plans right now for tonight... hopefully something will come up! -E

Rae: Did you by chance get Matt's info so we can write him?! I meant to ask you but then I forgot...let me know!

(2)know | what it's like to be me

score! [30 Jul 2004|11:54pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Hello! It's that time again: another entry. Yeah so me, Joe, Jake, and Rachel went to see The Village tonight. It was a good time. Haha I had been running late b/c my capris weren't dry (I had to wash em) and then I didn't even end up wearing them! haha so Joe picked me up around 5:30 and we picked up Rachel and then went to Jake's. We hung out there for a bit. Got to see Rick's new tattoo...it looks sweet. Very cool. Then we left I think at like 6:10 or so and go to Middleburg REALLY early. So we got our tickets and snagged some seats. WE GOT FAT PEOPLE CHAIRS!!!! SCORE! Well actually Jake & Rachel got them but they were so kind as to let me and Joe have it. We're pretty sure it really is just made for some teens, not fat people. We sat for about an hour until the movie started but it was a fun time. The movie was really good, and not all that scary...the trailors make it semm like really freaky and there are like two suprising parts that'll make you (well, me) jump.

On the way home from the movie, Joe decided to take the metros home. Well that makes the movie seem a bit scary when you're the only car on the road in the pitch black. And it was raining. so not cool.

We came back here and went swimming and it was waaay cold but fun. Then we watched I love the 80's and then they had to leave. :( and here I am. so that was about it! I'm gonna go now! bye!!!

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
And sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yhea you bleed just to know you're alive

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

(1)know | what it's like to be me

maybe...oh yeeah [30 Jul 2004|04:04pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Hello there! A few days I haven't been online and about 7 updates...sorry for the lack of comments! Well it's bee na fun few days. I really haven't done anything except for hang out with Joe. We went to the beach with Angie and Meredith one night. It was a beautiful night and just perfect. The next day we just hung at his place again. We watched Along Came Polly and then listened to some music I guess. My mom wants us to hang out here...I don't want to.
Thats about it. I went golfing one night which sucked. I didn't want to be there so I did terrible and luckily Dave's bag broke and then his shoe was messed up so he wanted to go home to so we just left. My friends all seem to be out and busy so last night I just chilled at home. I went driving for a bit with my mom. We picked up my dance pictures and recital video. I look like a whore in my picture. I think it's funny my parents actually buy them year after year to diplay me looking like a tramp (just b/c of the skimpy costume and lots of make-up). I watched a really good movie but I dunno what it was called then I talked to Joe for a few minutes until he had to go b/c he was out with friends but he called me back at 1:30 this morning to talk. It was nice. So today I went shopping with my mom since she's being generous with cash...I got a few shirts and some capris b/c all my other ones are too big now. :D

Tonight me, Joe, Jake, and Rachel are going to see The Village at Middleburg. It shall be a grand time. I'll probably be scared to death but it's all good. :D Middleburg has adjustable arm rests & fat people chairs so we're all good. haha! So I'll update some other time I suppose. Bye! -Erin

"Best Of Me"
tell me what you thought about
when you were gone and so alone
the worst is over
you can have the best of me
we got older but we're still young
we never grew out of this feeling that we wont give up

here we lay again
on two separate beds
riding phone lines
to meet a familiar voice
and pictures drawn from memory
we reflect on miscommunication
and misunderstandings
and missing each other too
much to have had to let go

we turn our music down
and we whisper
say what your thinking right now
tell me what you thought about
when you were gone and so alone
the worst is over
you can have the best of me
we got older but we're still young
we never grew out of this feeling that we wont give up

jumping to conclusions
made me fall away from you
i'm so glad that the truth
has brought back together me and you

we're sitting on the ground
and we whisper
say what your thinking outloud

tell me what you thought about
when you were gone and so alone
the worst is over
you can have the best of me
we got older but we're still young
we never grew out of this feeling that we wont give up

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[28 Jul 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Hello there! I think I update too much...lol. No one comments anymore but whatever. I like writing here because it clears my head! So anyways.
I think I already updated about Monday which was really like nothing. So Yesterday! It was Tuesday I think. So I woke up and had to call bunches of people for my movie night! I got a hold of everyone except for Ronni who didn't think she could get a ride at 7. She wanted to come at 5 when her mom went to work, but I had other plans then. So Joe picked me up at like 1:30 and we went back to his place. I don't really know what else to say about that. We just like watched a music video dvd and then some movie that I didn't pay attention to. It was lots of fun though. The greatest time really. So then Joe brought me back home around like 5 or something and we had a family dinner for once. Then my bro went to the Tribe game and dad went to work. My mom took me to the movie store and I got Sleepy Hollow and Alex & Emma for movie night and then bought some snackage.
Then I showered and everyone got here around 7. It was Cathy, Maggie, Ronni, and Rachel! I had a lot of fun and I think and hope everyone else did too. We watched our movies plus Outback Jack. I talked on the phone with Joe for a bit while I was getting made fun of with every word I said which made me mad. But it was all in good fun. I guess. Everyone kinda fell asleep and me and Cathy talked til about 4:30-5am. I love late night chats. It's just so nice to spill your guts to a trustworthy person. I <3 Cathy! I love everyone!!! :D
This morning everyone elft after a bit and then me and Rae hung out til like 3. Me and Joe were supposed to hang out bu tplans fell through so I hope we can hang out maybe tonight or definitely tomorrow. Got golf tonight and tomorrow. :( So thats about it! -Erin
Ahh I know these are so overused but they're so fitting!

Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realised what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now

Backbeat the word was on the street
That the fire in your heart is out
I'm sure you've heard it all before
But you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody feels
The way I do about you now

And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I would
Like to say to you
but I don't know how

Because maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me ?
And after all
You're my wonderwall

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[26 Jul 2004|08:51pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hello all! Well today was a good day I suppose. I got to sleep in pretty late (til 11) and then I got up and got ready to go out with Maggie! So I talked with Joe for a few minutes on the phone and then Maggie picked me up around 12:05. So we got to the Middleburg theater early! We just got to sit a talk which was really really nice. I don't know why I don't hang out with Maggie more! Its always a good time. We saw 'King Arthur' and it was a GREAT movie! I can't believe its out of most of the theaters already! Haha but I think Middleburg has the fat people chairs ::wink wink:: You know what that means...haha well only a few do! :D And I don't mean to offend anyone either!

After the movie we hung out for a bit and then Maggie left b/c I had to go to golf. but after talking to Ronni and Sarah, we decided to skip on today b/c it looked like rain! So instead I went to the mall with my mom and it was boring. I bought like a black tee and a pink cami for a PJ top. Woo. Hoo. Then I came home and talked to Joe while he was on his way to Rick's to get his car to go to a party. Now I'm online and updating and talking to my old friend Jael. Haven't talked to her in sooo long and we've both changed so much. It's nice catching up with her!

Yesterday I tired to suprise Joe by showing up at his softball game. I cancelled on MAggie for the movies (just until today) and she came with me. but then I was talking to her and typed what I wanted to say to her in Joe's IM box and then the suprise was ruined. but We got there just as the game started and we sat with Joe's friends Meredith, Angie, Maria, and Dan. Afterwards I came home for dinner and then Joe picked me up and we went to Meredith's. We just watched T.V. and everyone else played a game but me and Joe were just kinda there haha. It was a good time. :D

Tomorrow I don't really know what is in the mix. I have golf at 1, so hopefully it rains and I won't have to go! :D I hope to get out at like 2 if I have to go so I can hang with Joe for awhile and then I'm having a Girl's night in. We'll probably just watch movies and veg out or whatever. It should be a good time. Hopefully everything works out and tyhen it will be b/c I'll get to see all of my most important people! :D

Thats all for now I guess!

what it's like to be me

[25 Jul 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello again. I'm back for a REAL update this time. I guess my others were but I left out my Thursday when I updated about the warped tour. So anyways, Thursday I spent the whole day (well there about) with Joe. He picked me up around 3 and we went to his friend Meredith's house. She was having a movie Mere-thon (clever eh?). It was lots of fun. I met a group of Joe's friends (only a group though b/c I think he knows everyone) and they were seriously the nicest people I have ever met. Like it was the Stepford Friends lol...they're like the perfect friends. So they seem...haha.

Then Friday was Warped.

Saturday was boring for the most part. I sat around for awhile and then me and my mom went to the mall to pick up our vacation stuff from the travel agent. We got our tickets so I'm really excited now!!! :D Joe's going outta town the same week so luckily we'll both be away at the same time. I hope my cell phone works out of the U.S. If it doesn't, I suppose I'll have to get a calling card! I also ended up getting a Homecoming dress too! It just really cimple but elegent. I love it! I still have another one I haven't worn yet but my mom made me get this one b/c I can wear it to any weddings or anything that comes about.

After the mall, Joe came by to pick me up. He was really busy all day so he managed to squeeze me in for an hour :D So we went down to the metros but I didn't think that we might go down there so I was in flip-flops so we didn't do any extreme hiking lol! So after that we came back to my house and Joe changed for work and that was about it. But it was nice just to see him. Then I did nothing all night but watch a movie with my mom.

Today I got up early and me and Joe went to church! I really enjoy going...I feel better just going. Even though I feel stupid since I don't know half of the prayers or anything since I didn't go for sooo long. After church I came home and me and Maggie were supposed to see King Arthur but it kinda didn't work with everything going on. I felt really bad for missing like Joe's last three softball games so I wanted to suprise him and show up. Well this was all in the making online so me and MAggie were gonna go, but then I typed something about it in Joe's IM instead of Mags's so he knew. but oh well I had fun. I also learned from Maggie that Ronni basically had a little party at her house and didn't invite me. Gee thanks. Supposably I don't 'see' her anymore but hmmm I get in trouble by her other friends if we hang out too much and she NEVER calls me to do anything. So whatever. I'm past it now. She can go do whatever she wants with her other friends...I have other friends too.

So right now I'm getting ready for dinner and then I'm going out with Joe! Haha usually people get sick of others when they're around them too much...there is just something about this guy that can't repell you. If anything I wanna see him more. :P I'm a dork...so shoot me. :D Me and Maggie are FINALLY seeing King Arthur tomorrow!!! (I'm so sorry if you think I've been blowing you off!!!) Tomorrow no matter what. I'm gonna go now!


P.s. RACHEL IS FINALLY HOPE FROM MYRTLE BEACH! Yay! I can't wait to talk to her!

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[23 Jul 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey! Well today was the Warped Tour!!! Ahh I had soooo much fun! This by far had to be the greatest day in a very long time!
Joe picked me around 10:30 and we went and got a car wash lol. Then we picked up Bridgette, Jake, and Rachel and headed downtown. We parked at the Odeon (where the after party was) and walked to Tower City. We got there around noon. We just kinda wandered around everywhere and stuff. It was a great time with charming company (lol). I'm trying to remember everything. First off, we met the whole band of Taking Back Sunday and Story of the Year, and then the lead singers of Matchbook Romance and the Casualties. I think thats it. Then we saw How About No, Bowling For Soup, Yellowcard, Matchbook Romance, and Rufio perform. They were all really great! I was bummed b/c Hidden In Plain View was playing at the same time as YC so I opted for them. I didn't get to see Motion City or TBS though b/c they were like the last bands playing. I did buy myself a Motion City Soundtrack shirt. I really like it!

It was a great day just hanging out with everyone...which basically means Joe since we were together all day. :D :D :D
Just everything about the day was perfect even down to the weather! No rain adn not too hot or cold. I'm gonna have a nasty sunburn tomorrow though on my face! We had to leave around 5 b/c Joe had to get over to the Odeon for the After Party. So we went to Tower City and got some food and then Joe left. Me, Rachel, Bridgette and Jake stayed and walked around the mall for about an hour or so. Then we walked back to the Odeon. It was lots of fun! haha!

We got to the Odeon around 6:40-ish or so I guess. I forget. Dave and Kristen was already there along with the whole band and basically everyone else. We then received some terrible news. Joe's car was broken into!!! his driver's window was broken and his phone, stereo and CDs were taken. I still just can't believe it. I was really shaken so I can just imagine how Joe felt but he was really together about it all. Like I think 9 other cars around the area were broken into.

With all the aside, we only had to listen to one terrible band before Better Left Said played. While they set up, I talked with Erin!!! Aka= Lilgolferchic. It was so nice to finally meet her!!! Erin you are soo cool! lol I'm serious. We should hang out again soon. So me, her, Becca, Michele and Christina (of people I know) made up the front row while BLS played. THEY WERE AMAZING! I really think it was the best I've ever seen them do. Unfortunatly, the crowd was lame! Like no one did anything! I think the only people that showed up were from N.O. so thats like 75 people. I dunno where the 75 tix were that the other 8 bands had to sell!!! It shouldda been like 500 people there!

But anyhoo...the band was great. Joe had some great vocals and looked hot. lol! I'm still blown away by him hittin the high notes in Take On Me. lol! Everyone did really really awesomely though. After they played the next band started which sucked. I also developed a sever heachache and was hit with some nausea. I seriously thought I was gonna puke right in the middle of the Odeon. I didn't know how long Joe was gonna stay and felt quite sick so I came home with Dave. I got to hear sdome TBS in the car though! I've just been chilling ever since. I tried calling Rick to get a hold of Joe but he already left so I hope he calls me soon. I dunno where to call him. But I gotta get going so I'll post later.


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[23 Jul 2004|09:59am]
[ mood | excited ]

AHHH!!! I'm leaving in like a half hour to go to the WARPED TOUR!!! Yes! I get to see hopefully like all my favorite bands. It should be a great time with great music and great people [Joe, Rachel Jake,]. Joe is picking me up at 10:30 and then we gotta pick up everyone else!

Heading out to the After Party around 5 or so I guess. After Party is gonna rock with Better Left Said playing. I cannot WAIT FOR THE AFTER PARTY!!! Yayyy! I'm seriously like so excited. So I guess I better head out so I'm not running late. If you're going to the After Party, see ya there! If you aren't, come down to the Odeon at 6 with $12 its gonna be a great time.


what it's like to be me

[22 Jul 2004|11:07am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well right now I'm REALLY excited and REALLY nervous! I'll explain in a bit.

So last night I had to go to golf. blah. I brought all this stuff to change into afterwards b/c my mom was taking me to the mall. So we were sitting in the parking lot waiting for someone to show up, and my mom says we'll stay til 6:10, and leave if no one is there. Well it was 6:07 when coach showed up. Damn I did not wanna do this. So it was just me, Ronni, and coach. We hit some balls and then played the first three holes. I was hitting them pretty well but it was not good enough for him. My arms were;nt back enough, I pulled my shoulder too much, I wasn't inside out enough... Hmm well I don't give a care b/c the ball went far and straight so what does it matter?! Ah sorry it made me really angry. But Joe called why we were between tees and I felt better after that! :D

I always get into deep thought while golfing and think about random pointless thing but last night my subject of though was attitude. I have discovered why teenagers always experience an 'attitude problem.' It's b/c no one listens to what we have to say! At least I find that in my position anyways.

Coach was being dumb and made us play the holes backwards on our way in (even thought there were people playing the right way!!!) and I almost got hit in the head thanks to him. He has a walking and shooting from the middle of the fairway towards the tees, and some guy is teeing off and I felt the ball move my hair b/c it was sooo close. It was soooooo scary.

After, we dropped Ronni off at home and then we went to the mall. I had to change my shirt b/c the one I had on was too hot and it was huge. So I decided to wait til Country Club Blvd. b/c it is usually empty there so I'm changing really fast...as we go by a car show going on!!! Hahaha it was sooo funny. My mom was all like "They're gonna see you!" and it's like oh well. They couldn't see anyways. It was hilarious though. At the mall I just bought a tank top and a present for my cousin's b-day.

Today I'm REALLY nervous b/c Joe is taking me to his friend's house for like an all day movie marathon or something and I get to meet all his friends. Ah!!! I'm nervous and don't know what to do.

To finish up here I'm excited because TOMORROW IS THE AFTER PARTY AND WARPED TOUR!!!!! I think I'm more excited for the After Party just because I finally get to see Better Left Said play since like March at OBOBA. And plus its even better because my boyfriend is in the band. It's gonna rock. The Warped Tour should be pretty cool too. I just hope I get to see everything that I want to. My two must-sees are Yellocard and Taking Back Sunday. Then I also REALLY want to see Motion City Soundtrack. They're amazing. But thats all for now so I'll probably update on Saturday or so. bye!!!


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You're in a moving bomb [21 Jul 2004|02:20pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Hello there! Well Yesterday was very busy! I got up semi-early adn went to the BMV again. I got there just in time b/c there was no line so I went straight in to take my test for my temps. Well at frist I had to do the eye test, and when they ask you if you wear glasses, I said no. I wear glasses occasionally like to watch a movie or something but thats it so I thought I'd be fine. I just barely passed! Ahh it was scary. Then I took my actualy written test and that was easy. I think I missed like 5 questions so I think thats pretty good considering you have to get 38 of 50 right. So I got my temps!!!! I am so excited!

So I got home and my dad took me out for my first driving lesson. Ahh I don't really ever wanna do it again. I did pretty well but my dad was like yelling at me for everything! If I stopped too soon I got telled at, if I stopped too late I got yelled at. Argh it was so frustrating and then in the end my dad blew up and we were yelling at eachother and stuff and I cried. It was bad but hopefully we can go again when he learns that I haven't been driving all my life.

After that little adventure, I went and got my hair cut! I got probably about 2 inches or so cut off and then a whole lot of layers. And I got some highlights too. I like it a lot but I just showered and blew dry my hair and it won't do anything! Ahh!

After my hair appointment, I went to Ronni's. It was Patty's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Patty!!! So it was like a little party. It was Patty, Ronni, me, Deana, Maggie, Eug, Jimmy and Jake. The guys didn't really hang out with us though. I got Patty a picture fram and some flowers and then everyone else got her some stuff too. I just met her like a week ago lol! Then we watched Confessions of a Teenaged Drama Queen. Then around 10:30 Joe came over! Yay! So Joe, Eug and Jake made a bon fire which we sat by for about a half hour or so and then watched Stir Of Echos. That was such a good movie! I got to sit with Joe so it was all good. It was kinda scary but not too bad while Joe was there. Then he had to leave at 1 so I was by myself to watch the end where it got a little scarier but it was still really good. Then we set up our beds and then watched Starsky and Hutch and hung out til about 4. I got up late and picked up late so I never made it to the movies with Maggie! hopefully we can go soon though. And that was my day. I have golf later (unless it storms which I hope it does) and thats about it. So I'm gonna go now!


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[19 Jul 2004|11:08pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Hello! Well I don't think anyone has been reading this lately but whatever. If anyone has, sorry bout the last entry. I guess maybe it was a HUGE overreaction to everything but I dunno. It just was a very scary time for many many reasons. Its all good though I think.

So this morning I talked to Joe and fixed things sorta. Then my parents took me to the BMV and I got my picture taken for my temps, but the testing wasn't open so I'm going tomorrow. Ahh I'm sooo scared! After that I just hung around for awhile and did laundry then I went to golf. We just hit balls at the range for about an hour and then I had my mom pick me up so I could go home a get ready to go out with Joe!

So I got ready in record time, a shower, blow-dry and straightened my hair in about 45 minutes. And then I waited. I even painted my nails. Joe called to say he was running late and I was getting angry but then he showed up with FLOWERS!!! What's a girl to do to that?! It was sooo sweet!!!! Flowers don't solve everything but since this was a first offense, I let it go. ;)

So Joe, me, Rachel, and Jake went to Swings n Things to play some putt putt. I didn't do as bad as I thought I would! but it was fun! I had a really really good time. I dunno why but this night felt really special. After Putt Putt we went back to Jake's and just hung there for awhile. Then I had to get home. Curfews are a drag lol :P

And here I am. Tomorrow I'm getting up early to go get my temps (hopefully), and then I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted. Then I gotta get Patty a present and then I'm going to Ronni's for a party and sleepover. It should be a good time. Well thats all for now. bye!


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